Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is the healthcare profession that aims to restore a patient’s functional capacity. Using specific assessment and treatment skills, occupational therapists specializing in hand therapy offer therapeutic approaches to restore function, limit the progression of pathology or prevent upper limb dysfunction in order to help patients resume their everyday tasks at home and at work and their recreational activities.

Occupational therapy makes a major contribution to the practice and continued development of hand rehabilitation. The unique combination of training in physical, functional, psychological, social, and vocational aspects of physical dysfunction enables the occupational therapist to provide comprehensive treatment necessary to return the patient with hand dysfunction to a productive lifestyle.

Occupational therapy treatment options for the hand and wrist include:

  • Orthosis manufacturing.
  • Education and treatment for healing scars related to hand injuries.
  • Exercises to increase range of motion and improve hand and upper limb strength.
  • Pain management.
  • Edema/muscle massage
  • Sensitization and desensitization
  • Education about the condition
  • Advice for adapting the task or the environment
  • Motor imagery rehabilitation