Our Mission

We shall strive to offer the most proficient cadres and highly advanced methodology for treatment and to provide the best service with the best price and the best quality.

Our Vision

We dedicated to be the pioneers of the rehabilitative therapy within the five years to come. And we shall seek to provide care to all of our clients in recovering, regaining and restoring their lives using the most advanced methodology in Egypt and the Arab world.

Our Philosophy..

The world is moving towards the rehabilitation as the rehabilitative therapy can play a crucial role in improving the quality of life.  In 2014, we made the decision of establishing Qudorat rehabilitation Centers based on modern scientific fundamentals and technological methodology and equipment and choosing the greatest competencies in this field. We are keen on expansion to be everywhere around you.

We initiated a scheme which we began to implement from day one. Starting with our first branch in Al Mohandseen and now expanding vertically in Al Mohandseen, and horizontally in Al Maadi, Nasr City, Faisal and Shebeen El-Kom, the value of the invested capital is over 50 million pounds.

Using the most modern scientific methodology and professed cadres, we continue to present ourselves and expand according to our precise scheme, believing that Qudorat must be the pioneer in the field of rehabilitation and that health is our main priority.

Our Values

With our pursuit of fulfilling this vision and message we shall remain committed to the following essential standards:

  • Integrity:
    We commit to the highest standards and professional conduct.
  • Responsibility:
    We accept and uphold our full responsibility towards our clients, employees, and society.
  • Offering our service without discrimination: 
    We pledge to offer all of our services at the same high quality for all, without discrimination of sex, race or faith.
  • Protecting our patients’ rights: 
    By informing them about the treatment program and its results, expense and success rate with clarity and transparency.