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What we offer

Our goal:

Our goal

– optimize medical imaging for rehabilitation excellence and superior patient care – helping patients recover maximum function – helping the patient restore the use of muscles, bones and nerves through new modalities of treatment

Speech and Language:

Speech and Language

evaluate and treat adults with disorders related to speech, language and cognition, voice, stuttering and swallowing. Goals emphasize improving a patient’s overall memory, listening, reading, speaking, swallowing, writing and thinking skills. From disorders resulting from cancer of the throat and mouth.

Occupational therapy:

Occupational therapy

works with people who face challanges due to injuries,illness or disease focus on maximizing an individual’s skills and abilities through evaluation and treatment of various disorders including physical impairments, neurological impairments, orthopedic impairments. The occupational therapist customizes a treatment program that focuses on improving a person’s functional ability to perform daily activities. This is done through functional tasks, exercise, manual therapy and new physical generation modalities. Occupational therapists and assistants work closely with physical and speech therapists when necessary, to provide a comprehensive team approach to therapy.

Physical therapy:

Physical therapy

Used to help patients gain maximum independence by restoring function and improving mobility evaluate a patient ‘s strength,range of motion ,endurance,balance and ability to perform functional mobility. identifies and treats problems that interfere with a patient’s ability to move naturally and perform daily activities. Through evaluation and treatment, the physical therapist structures a program of therapeutic exercise, functional mobility training and the use of physical agent modalities to achieve established goals.physicaltherapist and assisstents works with us to provide a team approach to rehabilitation.

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